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ARIZONA SWAMP COOLER    (602) 885-1240    established  2007
The origin fo the evaporative/swamp cooler started here in the valley of the sun.  Goettle did not invent the air conditioning units, till the late 50s- early sixtys. Our family resided in the 3 bedroom house with two swamp coolers only, back then they worked great all summer untill around aug. when the monsoons arrived. As a child, we didn't know any different, we just knew it was humid during the monsoons.

My father John Mensi was in the Navy during world war ll, and on his return, he installed swamp cooler window units here in the valley.

I remember the smell of fresh hay every summer after my father installed the new hay pads for the year.

As I grew up my father always involved me when he changed the pads and serviced the cooler for the year. And as i got even older my friends and I would service all of our friends and neighbors parents house. And eventially started doing service work for the neighbors to make extra money. 

My Father that taught me the trade, would become one of the best crane operators in Arizona, with projects like the verterans collusium, graty gamage, davis dam, slide rock bridge, and too many more to mention.

We use quality material to repair, and or replace all the componants in your swamp cooler, however we do use the traditional hay pads for the non-masdtercool type of swamp cooler, unless the customer wants, green pads, or cool blew foam installed, by request.

Arizona has a huge hard water problem, and a hard water filter can be installed in-line with your water supply to cut down on crystalization.

Also for those expensive mastercool pads, if they are not too solidified, we have a water treatment to loosen up the crystals, and soften up the cardboard pad.